The Wild West is in trouble...

And only Billy can save it

Billy Gunslinger is a classic arcade style shoot-em-up game where the goal is to push your way through multiple levels! The gameplay features a combination of running-n-gunning and puzzle solving to create a fun and fast-paced experience!

The single-player mode features five unique worlds, each with five levels and a world-specific boss fight!

Partner up to tango down!

New co-op mode arriving with update 2.0!

A Co-operative mode has arrived in the 2.0 update! Simply plug in a *compatible gamepad on the main menu and you're good to go!

The Co-op mode features exclusive new levels that are designed with two players in mind. Some levels will put players against each other, and others with require players to work together in order so complete a puzzle!

*Testing done using Microsoft Xbox One controllers

Shoot guns and jam out!

With a complete original soundtrack from DJ ESKIMO!

Featuring eleven tracks, with two more coming in the Year Two update, the soundtrack was designed to keep the player motivated to push forward!

The entire original soundtrack is available on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp!

Many years in the making!

Made with passion since 2013!

100% Free to play!

Now there is no reason not to play it!

Both versions of the game are available for download right now!!

Click the button below to go to the download page!

The original Billy Gunslinger was programmed back in 2013 by Sam Schafer when that literal child was in 7th grade. Of course, the game wasn't top-tier quality, but it was definitely a project of passion that led to the very creation of this remaster of the original game!

Although the original is long gone, this remake holds true to the original concept of the game while introducing new art styles, features, and gameplay mechanics.

Disclaimer: The game features firearms and cartoon violence and may not be suitable for very young childs.